As you all know, our very own Lisa Pierson raced the USA Cycling Pro Cross-Country Tour Subaru Cup this past season. Lisa placed third in her class and wrote about her experience in Subaru’s Drive Performance Magazine! Check out her article here: http://drive.subaru.com/onlineX_mountainBikeRace.htm

Way to go Lisa! We are so proud of you!

Chris Arterburn

Chris on a sweet ride at his going away party!

This past weekend our friend and shop manager at our team sponsor Danzeisen & Quigley, Chris Arterburn and his amazing wife Jennifer Boldry headed off to a new adventure in Bolder, CO. Jennifer got a sweet new job (congrats Jen) and is living a lot closer to family (so cool!). So, this past week Chris finished packing up the house, the dogs, the cats, and don’t forget the stable of bikes and is on his way out west!

He’s got a few miles ahead of him in that mini-van. I can’t say I envy him making that drive with those companions. It’s going to be interesting for sure.

Anyhow, thank you Chris and Jen for everything you have done for this team. Not many teams have the kind of support that we all got from Chris at the shop. Jen and Chris also had a team tent set up at nearly every race and made sure to be out on the trail side cheering when they were not racing. They love cycling and it showed in everything they did for D & Q Racing.

The will surely be missed. Good luck and keep the rubber side down!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to ride what I would say is the best single track I’ve ever had the pleasure to ride. I went up to VisitPA.com’s 50 Rattling Miles race. I was already in the area for a friends wedding reception and I was looking to do some riding while I was in the area. I figured this would be a great opportunity since I don’t know the trails in the area and being that this was a race, they would be well marked (and I wouldn’t be out on there by myself). I opted to do the 25 miler since I had plans to party on Saturday and didn’t think I’d be up for 50 rattling miles!

Sunday morning was rainy and overcast, and I had heard that the course was very technical and rocky. I was a little concerned since I didn’t want to get hurt – especially since this wasn’t a series points race and I was just doing it for fun. Us folks doing the 25 mile race started behind those doing the 50 miler, but it didn’t take long before I had no idea who was doing what race. The 1/2 marathon was split into 2 classes; Mens open and Womens open.

Although I had gotten pretty drunk the night before, I felt really good. My Scottish blood likes it when it’s dank and misty.

The race started with a good sustained climb and that really helped my position. I always love a good climb and even though I was running a fairly tall gear (32/18), I felt strong and never had to get off the bike as many other were. This was followed by rocks. Lots of rocks. Later I learned that section of trails is called “Rocky Ridge”. Good name! The awesome thing about these rocks were that despite the fact they were extremely technical, everything was rideable. There were some huge rock bridges that were no more then a couple big boulders with a few rocks as a ramp up. These were really fun in the rain and I decided to hike over a few rather than risk getting hurt.

As I continued to ride, I just kept feeling better. I don’t know if it was the fact I didn’t feel any pressure to do well, or if it was the beer? In fact, I did just about everything wrong the day before the race. Who knows…

At about 23 miles the two races split. We were at the top of a long climb and I was excited about the next 2 miles which I was sure would be all down hill. It didn’t disappoint. The first section of trail after the split was amazing flow of single track. Just rocky enough to keep me on my toes, but not so rocky as to slow me down. I had caught another rider just before this transition and was putting a good gap on him in the trees.

The course opened up and we were looking at a mile and a half double track down to the finish! I was spinning as fast as I could, but was no match for the kid with the gears who was determined to beat me to the finish. A little more experience racing under my belt definitely paid off in the end. We were doing about 35 mph and both of us were grinning ear-to-ear when I noticed we were heading straight for the parking lot. Knowing the race did not finish in the parking lot, I started looking for the turn and slowed down a little. My competitor kept his speed up and before he knew it blew right past the sharp turn into the chicane at the finish line. I gave a yell, but he was movin’ and had no chance of stopping.

I rolled into the finish line to find myself alone except for Zach Adams who running the timing. I was a little surprised and even more surprised to find I was the first one across the finish line!

Next year I will definitely be doing the 50 mile race. I felt so good I considered continuing on even though I wasn’t registered, but I had plans to see Mieka Pauley that evening in the city and had a 2.5 hour drive home ahead of me.

My buddy Pat has a great blog himself. Anyhow, he made a cool find and told me about it the other day when I ran into him at Wiss and I wanted to share it with you all here. Take a look!


Yesterdays race at Neshaminy had a great turnout. Every class looked full of fast riders, especially the Elite men. All the best local racers showed – Aaron Snyder, Kerry Warner Jr. (who is heading to the worlds in a few weeks), Harlan Price, just to name a few. Our own Hal Batdorf was there doing his first race on his bad ass new Niner singlespeed. Larry Goats did his first Sport race thanks to missing the start of the beginner field and did very well.

It was hot, humid and really dusty as evidenced by the huge clouds of dust as each wave started off and the haze that hung over most of the course throughout the day. D and Q had a great showing with some sweet results! Great racing all.

Elite (Cat 1 & Pro) Open:
Hal Batdorf 24th

Elite (Cat 1 & Pro) Open:
Charles Kline 2nd

Sport (Cat 2) Vet 1 Men 35-39:
Larry Goats 8th

Sport (Cat 2) Vet 2 Men 40-44:
Greg Schipske 18th

Sport (Cat 2) Master 1 Men 45-49:
Mike Calfin 5th
Sven Harms 9th

Sport (Cat 2) Master 2 Men 50+:
Ed Litman 10th

Sport (Cat 2) Clydesdale Men:
John Durkin 3rd

Beginner (Cat 3) Vet 2 Men 40-44:
Chris Ballay 9th

Beginner (Cat 3) Women 2 35+:
Danielle Jubanyik 5th

One more race and the 2010 MASS will be over! It’s been a great season and I can’t wait to see you all at Bear Creek!

I love riding at Bear Creek. The course is very technical with a good deal of climbing; nothing like Danville, but enough to make it a challenge. The descents are super fun with lots of tricky sections. Racing here is usually only done for the MASS final, but this year they decided to hold their own series. Race 1 was also a Kenda Cup Qualifier as well as a qualifier for USA Cycling XC Nationals.

There were not as many racers as I had expected, but I met people from all over the place who had come to race. There was the girl from Colorado who was in front of me picking up her race packet. The guy I met on a funky polka dot bike from Ohio, and more then a few French speaking folks who I assume came down from Montreal area.

My race didn’t go so well. I had been feeling a bit run down all week leading into the race. My chest was tight and I figure I must have some cold or infection. As I write this, I’m still not feeling so great. I hope it’s passed for this weekends race at Neshaminy!

Anyhow, I had a great start and was holding a great position for about 3 miles at which point I expected to have settled in a bit (as is usual for me). This time I never did and I was having trouble getting my heart rate down. I was not feeling good and had no power. I had more then one friend pass me and wonder why I was dragging so far back. Thanks to some wise words from Topher Valenti as he passed, I just kept turning the pedal around unwilling to quit; which I thought about every lap.

On my third lap I started to feel a little better, but the damage was done. I was sitting in second to last place with no hope of catching the leaders. I let go and just did my best to stay safe and finish the race. As I was nearing the last couple miles of the lap, I caught a glimpse of a couple guys in my class, but they were far ahead and soon out of sight. I did my best to dig deep and before long a few friends cheering on the racers told me they were not far ahead. This, combined with clearing a nasty switchback which I usually just run to save time spurred me on. I gave it all I had and found my legs again for a bit. Before too long I saw Matt, maybe 2 miles to the finish. He was struggling and I passed him with a little speed to make sure he didn’t try and chase me. He had beat me last week, so I didn’t feel so bad. That left Joe, who I knew couldn’t be too far ahead.

As I left the single track to make the grassy climb before the descent to the lodge and the final gravel road to the finish I found him, pushing his bike up the hill. I had made that climb the two previous laps despite feeling like crap. This time was no different. As I passed Joe he cursed me out! Ha! It was awesome and probably the only time I smiled all day! Well, that’s not totally true… Harlin’s sister had been hula-hooping at the top of that climb all day and cheering us all on! I am pretty sure I smiled at her each time I made that climb (no doubt with her help).

Joe was not having it and ran the rest of the way, got on his bike and chased me down with some serious fury. We were neck and neck at the bottom of the hill and he was literally growling! Yeah Joe!!! We raced each other like that until we were both dying and with a good 200 yards left to go we both slowed. I was sure he had it, as I was spent, but just as quickly I got another flush of energy and with a shout to Joe, “I’m not giving it up!” I pedaled on. Joe did his best to chase me, but he wasn’t as lucky. It was for sure one of the most exciting and challenging finishes I ever had, despite both of us not feeling so great about our times. Joe is a good friend and a great competitor!

I ended up in 6th place. Ed Bush took 1st putting down some sick lap times! I only wish I could have hung with him a little longer. He has amazing handling skills and I have a lot I can learn from watching him race.

The next Bear Creek race is a few weeks away and I’m looking forward to it already!

If the theme of the day for last weeks race at Fairhill Race was hot, hot hot! Than the theme of last nights race was hot as Hell, which is fitting for a night race at the full moon. Temps during the day were about 100 deg. and it didn’t cool down much at night. Actually the light breeze we had all day was gone when the sun started to drop making for some seriously swampy weather.

The course was in fantastic shape thanks to the hard work of the folks at TBR and it was fast despite the darkness. They made some really nice changes from last years course, removing a long loose gravel climb, and replacing it with a great set of switchbacks that made the same climb – equally as hard.

The single speeders of D&Q were the only ones crazy enough to do this race and here is how we finished:

Expert (Cat 1) Singlespeed Open:
Charles Kline (5th)

Sport (Cat 2) Singlespeed Open:
Geoff Shute (2nd)
Aaron Shute (9th)

Good job all!